11 Best Workflow Management Software 2023

Managing a business, especially in this fast-paced world, can be a challenge. However, with workflow management software, you can automate these tasks while adhering to business regulations. Workflow software also tracks performances and pending tasks, manages your organization’s data, and more. Note that there are plenty of workflow management tools to choose from, but you need an ideal one that suits your business needs. Below, we share some of the 11 best workflow management software in 2023, but first, let’s fully understand what workflow management software is. 

What is Workflow Management Software

Workflow management software is an online-based tool or system that helps organizations improve the way they handle business tasks regardless of size. It assists in managing forms and documents within the teams involved to ensure seamless operation hence achieving organizational objectives. 

When it comes to managing tasks, workflow software makes it easier for you to assign duties to the right individuals, check resources availability, share data among participants, and more. Unlike the traditional or manual processes of workflow management, this software guarantees seamless operations and saves time.

List of Top 11 Workflow Management Software in 2023

We understand that identifying the best tool for workflow management in your organization can be like finding a needle in a haystack. For this reason, we decided to sift through dozens of options to help you find the most suitable workflow tools. Therefore, whether you are looking for a workflow management software for remote workforce or on-premise, the below options will deliver the best services to your satisfaction. Take a look below.

1. Monday.com

Monday.com Logo

This software is ideal for any project since it allows users to create their own workflow management interfaces. In addition, it is customizable, meaning that small, medium and large organizations will benefit from it. You simply need to identify the best pricing plan that will align with your organization’s budget. 

Monday.com is also convenient for scheduling recurring tasks. Its automated features minimize errors, thus ensuring seamless operations. As a result, you will have plenty of extra time to dedicate to other organizational duties and improve productivity.

2. Nintex

Nintex Logo

Nintex workflow software improves user experiences through its user-friendly and intuitive design dashboard. It is an ideal workflow management software for professionals, though its customizable features do not limit small businesses. Additionally, the software integrates with other popular productivity tools, which improves collaboration between team members and other companies. Other features of Nintex include real-time updates and feedback, communication management, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), virtual forms, third-party consultants, and more.

3. Hive

 Hive Logo

Hive manages multiple projects in a single dashboard with its robust proofing and annotation tools. In addition, it hosts plenty of project and action templates for easier task management. This workflow builder also integrates with other third-party tools to encourage data accessibility on a single dashboard, hence maximizing efficiency. The good news is that it is customizable to suit your business type, size and needs. Therefore, feel free to test it using its free-trial version before choosing a subscription plan. 

4. Zapier

Zapier Logo

If you are running your business remotely, Zapier is ideal for you. The software is an easy automation tool for busy people since it connects your apps to automate various tasks. Delegating duties and transferring data across multiple web pages is simplified with Zapier. As a result, you are guaranteed a seamless and result-oriented workflow. Zapier also has a self-service portal that allows users to set up actions without any assistance. Other features of Zapier are third-party integrations, custom templates, two-factor authentication, free demo, and more.

5. Ganttpro

GanttPro Logo

Ganttpro is one of the workflow tools to keep you up to date with organizational tasks, whether you are a single user or working as a team. It has an excellent visualized interface to ensure full visibility and timely delivery of the organization’s projects. What’s more Ganttpro is customizable and has advanced features that enable you to plan, allocate, and track various tasks. It also integrates with other performance software that encourages teamwork that results in streamlined operations.

6. Wrike

Wrike Logo

Wrike accommodates a team of five or more and does not limit the number of users. It is a highly customizable software for workflow, reports, dashboards, and request forms. What’s more, it has a self-service portal that encourages participants to track their performances and team leaders to manage and analyse each team’s tasks. Wrike offers KPI reports for advanced insights and more than 400 native integrations on popular software, including Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and more. You can choose an affordable price plan that suits your budget and change your workflow process. 

7. Comidor

Comidor logo

Using the Comidor Low-Code and Hyper-automation platform, you can easily create workflows easier than ever before. It combines a Low-Code framework with state-of-the-art robotics and AI technology to help companies do way more than automate small tasks. Instead, it helps organizations unlock a great number of opportunities that streamline and automate end-to-end business processes and deploy a workplace that incorporates both intelligent robots and human input.

The Comidor workflow automation software provides business users with an easy-to-use, visual, model-driven environment. Users can visualize all types of business processes, design forms, and workflow patterns with a drag and drop function, automate workflows end-to-end using advanced RPA/AI components, and finally, monitor and track the performance of every workflow with real-time analytics.

8. Process Street

Process Street Logo

Process Street is a simple tool that facilitates collaborations through workflow management and progress tracking. It does not limit the number of users on its free plan, making it the best workflow software for small business. Its drag and drop task manager handles document management, task scheduling, and trigger-based workflows. The tool also has over 1,000 integrations and encourages team collaboration through its self-service portal that keeps every participant up to speed with organizational performances. 

9. Smartsheet

Smartsheet Logo

Smartsheet allows workflow management on spreadsheets. It is user-friendly and ideal for users that prefer working using excel to avoid complicated task management procedures. Smartsheet is customisable for brand logos and colour themes and performs all calculations through its automated feature. What’s more, the workflow automation software encourages team collaboration through excellent employee communication that keeps every participant informed and aligned. Unfortunately, Smartsheet limits the number of users to 21, making it another ideal choice for small businesses.  

10. Orchestly

Orchestly Logo

Orchestly is a suitable choice for medium-sized and large organizations in all industries. It is a preferred choice for workflow management in departments like HR, IT, Finance, Legal, and Marketing. Its powerful, unique, and customizable features make it easier for you to capture complex workflows and assign them to the right individuals that will deliver to their best capabilities. Orchestly also has a self-service portal that allows you to effectively analyse performance reports and track requests. The tool has a 15-day trial and price plans starting from $8 per month, so feel free to give it a try.

11. Integrify

Integrify Logo

Integrify encourages streamlined organizational operations through various functions that are fully customizable for all business types. For starters, the tool manages document approvals. This reduces clunky workflow, and email attachments that can be confusing can disrupt efficient workflow management. In addition, users have access to a custom self-service portal for forms submissions and tracking. As a result, you will have excellent team collaborations since every participant will be aware of every performance progress within your organization. 


Manual workflow management can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Participants are usually under lots of pressure to deliver their best, which has led to more mistakes and delayed results. With the best workflow management system in 2023, your organization’s tasks will be simplified, encouraging more productivity. 

Now that you know the best workflow management software for professionals, we hope you can identify a suitable one for your company. So, do not worry whether your business is small or large because there is a workflow software here for you.

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